[Tuyển Tập Yandere AU 2] |"Treasure In My Hands, Escape? Don't You Dare~"|

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"What makes you so hard to keep? What makes you so stubborn?....." "Stay in my arms, in my embrace, 'cause that is where you belong." "Sing for me as a good songbird you are and cry for me as a good boy/good girl you've been~." "Should I cut your legs so you'll never can escape?....." "Should I cut your throat so you'll never can hurt my feelings with your harsh words?....." "I love you....I love you.....I love you 'till death!......How could you so heartless about my feelings?!....." "Come here before I punish you for your misbehaves." Tên Fic: [Tuyển Tập Yandere AU 2] |"Your Treat, My Blood, 'Til The End, I'll Never Escape..."|. Tác Giả: -_Mr_Sadistic_-.(Tôi)

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