Todoroki Ken [Fic Dịch] [MHA×TG]

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Endeavor's spouse was a white haired man with a gentle smile and a love for books. Soft-spoken and kind, he was the perfect foil to Endeavor's spitfire personality. He was known as Todoroki Ken to those familiar with the No.2 hero or the Todoroki children. However, his original surname was Kaneki. This man was previously known as Kaneki Ken. Or as the darker side of society called him: Centipede. Original author: Marbel Original story: Cre picture: CHUKI (@deavor_lover) _________ *Warning: Đây là Boylove cặp Kaneki Ken×Todoroki Enji/Endeavor (Tokyo Ghoul×Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia) KANEKI KEN×TODOROKI ENJI KANEKI KEN×TODOROKI ENJI KANEKI KEN×TODOROKI ENJI Nếu không thích thì xin hãy click back. Đừng công kích tác giả, người dịch hay nhân vật. Xin cảm ơn! _________ Lời của tui: Mình thích thì mình dịch thôi.

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