Super Pawnshop

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Cập nhật: 14-01-2020

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A kind-hearted assistance made Lin Feng accidentally inherit a pawnshop, and his life began to be different. Enterprise rich: the capital chain is broken, there is no money turnover, the company pawns for you Frankenstein: No one invests in research results, pawns give you a change in living expenses Jianghu big brothers: I'm going to run, all the entertainment places in the name, pawn for you Bank President: Too many bad debts and bad debts. Cash flow is not enough. Fortunately, there are many real estate. How does the pawn give you? Federal Head of State: The alliance splits into several countries, financial constraints are tight, can nuclear submarine aircraft carrier advanced aircraft tank missiles be pawned Alien: The spaceship passing by the earth is broken. This place is good. We decided to settle in here. Then, the spaceship will give you a pawn. When a child raises his family to become a rich country and a strong soldier, can people and feelings be pawned? Of course you can. Please see Lin Feng's super pawnshop: a book in hand, I have it all over the world.

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