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Title: I like sauce Author: SNSDGO! Genre: fluff/humor/romance Rating: PG-13 for suggestive scenes Pairing: SooTae (Sooyoung and Taeyeon) Translator: Wiz A/N: After nearly a month of 0% writing I have been inspired by Tobi to write again (something that is non pedo). Thank you SO MUCH TOBI. this is for you ^^ and yes, I am aware extra is very fail, but it's cracky and I was in a good mood. also, hope you enjoy very very much. I has a rated scene for the missing part, anyone interested? *smirk* I'm sorry if it gets confusing or whatever at any point, my writing skill isn't restored just yet :P comments are love btw! Link: http://snsdgo.livejournal.com/3127.html I'm so sorry that I've translated your fiction without permission but your work is so amazing that I can"t resist so please forgive me. If you feel uncomfortable with this, I will delete all of this and publicly apologize to you. Thank you!

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