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Asher O'Connor is fourteen years old, she has two little brothers, a little sister, and a brother, Nathan who is her age. Ryder who is three, Spencer (the girl) who is six, and Parker who is thirteen. Asher and Parker lived with their mother, Elizabeth and step dad, Mark O'Connor, and three step siblings, since Asher was seven and Parker was five. So when their mother, Beth, suddenly dies, Asher and Parker have to go live with a father they don't remember, Paul Blofis. Paul had a wife, Sally, and step son Percy Jackson. What would you do if you had to go live with total strangers after the woman who loved you, and raised you, dies? Asher is strong, but is she strong enough to help her step brother and new friends save a world she doesn't even know? I'm gonna rewrite this because I don't like how it turned out so when I get a few chapters of that done I'll delete this one and post the new one

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