After You

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[ Fanfiction - Drabble fic - Naruto fanfiction - Haruno Sakura ] ~***~ Author: ScNghi - Pet&Flames. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. And, in case some of you ask, the title "After you" is just a coincidence. I had no idea that there had already been a New York best-seller novel "After You" of Jojo Moyes (and I recommend it). Pairing: will be informed in each chapter. Warning: Bisexual characters (which means there might be girlxgirl love), could be a little bit OOC (depends on your own perspective). Category: I don't know it myself, suggest me? Note: The chapters will not relate to one another. This means each chapter will have disparate plot. These are just some random short stories (oneshots) that I think it might be suitable to name them "After you" (and I would consider making them separate fictions with separate names and covers). ~***~ And, last but not least, this is an all-right-reserved, the importance of which cannot be stressed in just a few lines. If you (hopefully) like the stories and want to bring it elsewhere or translate it, please ask for my permission initially.

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